Nowadays, you can implement an insane idea. Modern technologies provide, arguably, almost unlimited opportunities. Want a service for dating pets? You are welcome. Need a project for renting cutlery? No problem.

The troubles start when you try to explain the things you need to implement to your development team. Moreover, we often do not realize the project’s ultimate goal, and we do not have any idea if it will be successful. We cannot even define the metrics of what it means for a project to “become successful.”

With the continuously innovating tech world, organizations are trying to keep up with the ever-increasing demands and complexities of business software and solutions.

Packaged software offers basic features to everyone who purchases it. On the bright side, tailor-made software is adjusted to match the needs of a company. That’s why one-stop-shop software is often insufficient for reaching diverse organizational processes, requirements, and goals.

Here are six points you need to analyze when choosing a custom-software development partner.

  1. Goals, resources, and deadlines

Before starting your hunt for the most reliable software development partner out there, set the business goals your solution…

Modern product challenges require modern software solutions. Businesses often start looking for a product manager when they recognize the need for a specialist who will combine leadership and management qualities to make a project commercially successful. But how does one find a genuinely effective product manager?

Most product managers display some of these characteristics; top product managers exhibit most or all of them:

  1. Mindset — Top product managers’ thinking isn’t confined to the resources available now or in today’s business environment. They’ll propose highly disruptive opportunities and generate concrete plans for how to lead.

Each of our clients is a story of an individual approach and a rapid digital transformation of business processes. However, one of the significant and long-term projects is associated with a company whose activities are not limited to the term “business.”

Abcor is more than just a business. The company provides quality Home & Health care due to professional recruitment and selects the most appropriate staff by many parameters. Each of them is regulated by local and federal laws — from licenses and certifications to mandatory staff training. …

Over the last decade, we have encountered partners who recognized the urgency and value of digitalization of their business but turned this process into an abyss where time, investments, and efficiency of the company’s business processes were lost. Instead of competitive advantage, businesses often got solutions that did not meet the company’s demands. It could take years and hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars to eliminate the gaps.

Once a client has made a wrong choice and assessed its consequences, he prefers to use services that have been trusted for years, even if they do not meet his needs and…

We are living in the age of technology and innovation. Traditional processes and workflows have become outdated. Operations and process models are being reinvented to increase cost-effectiveness.

However, not all businesses are adapting to the revolutionized business process, which results in increased costs, a lack of efficiency, and halted growth. Outdated processes end up damaging your business and cause loss of customers.

First and foremost, you need to consider which processes add value to the foundation of your business. To your employees. Businesses often focus on acquiring and retaining clients and customers, all the while neglecting HR processes. …

Neologic software

Neologic has been leading business transformation and software development projects in the Chicagoland region since 2008.

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